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    Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing

    • SAP [ Power User Program ]  2 MONTH

    SAP is one of the best and a neatly integrated business software to process all functionalities of an organization in order to obtain a UNIFIED solution, ERP software. There is n numbers of ERP software's in market today, of which SAP is used in medium to large enterprises and SAP is nothing but a leading Enterprise Information and Management Package. SAP will help students to enhance their skills for better career progression and can have a quick and faster knowledge in creating cost effective implementation process for showcasing their potential in the industry. A great opportunity is bestowed after becoming a SAP professional that can even get the best job in the world with the highest pay. Professional in SAP can, Gain Flexibility. Boost ROI of an organization or industry Lower risk in most of the areas Transform the field into a best one Decide real time Scale on demand and Easily adaptable to suit the requirements of the customers

Career Opportunities
  • Software Developer
  • SAP EP Consultant
  • Application Developer
  • Team Leader
  • SAP Basis Administrator
  • SAP Basis Consultant
  • Sales Manager

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